Friday, April 2, 2010

Cafe World Super Stoves build event

Cafe World has now offered a way for chefs to build their Super Stove. First thing is you should consider becoming a member of the Cafe World email club. Once that is the done when you click on the super stove icon you will now see a changed pop-up.

This pop-up will out line the four (4) parts of the stove that you will need and the quantities. Each part is valued at $1 Cafe Cash, for a total of 50 Cafe Cash the price of the Super Stove. If you desire you can purchase individual items or you can ask your friends to help and you can help your friends. The parts are broken down as follows
  • Panel - 12
  • Grill -12
  • Computer Chip - 14
  • Knobs - 12
See screenshot below
Super Stoves are good and make preparing dishes easy. So join the email club and get your parts and help your neighbours along the way.

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