Monday, April 12, 2010

Cafe World Wedding Cake Problems Persist

Cafeworld's Wedding Cake continues to be a source of heartache to many users. Users complain of the progress being set back, cakes missing, ingredients lost. Where it appears to hurt most is those who actually spent Cafe Cash(real money) to purchase ingredients etc. These are the persons who really Zynga should be taking could care off. You really do not want to lose your paying customers

Here are a few quotes from users, just in case you missed them
I was sick of trying to collect ingredients to finish the cake so I paid 25 Cafe Cash to complete. All good... until the next day when suddenly it was back at 22% and of course my Cafe Cash was still gone!!! - an
So now everyday I log in I'm back to the first tier of baking, this is ridiculous I used cafe cash to purchase some of the ingredients, the least they could do is address and post status on the return of the illlusive cake!
There are many more and can be found in the comments sections of the articles listed at the end of this post.

Zynga has posted dated April 7, 2010

We are aware of an issue with Wedding Cakes not saving progress correctly.

We suggest that you refrain from purchasing the missing parts of your Wedding Cake while we work out this issue. Your Wedding Cake will not expire, and you will have the chance to complete is as soon as this issue has been resolved.
In summary do not buy anything for the Wedding Cake using Cafe Cash until, they have advised that the problems is resolved. The wedding appears to have been postponed until they have completed their investigation and theissues can be resolved

Are you still having problems with your wedding cake? Post your feedback and let us know

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