Sunday, April 4, 2010

Martian Brain Bake now vs. Martian Brain Bake original

Martian Brain Bake is back in Cafe World but Martian Brain Bake 2, the second coming is not like that of the first coming. The first version (original) was 24 hour dish while the second version is 72 hours.

This means the rewards from the dish has changed. So don't be caught out in believing this is the same Martian Brain Bake original.

Below are the details of Martian Brain Bake vs Martian Brain Bake 2

Cost: 2200 vs 1800 coins
Servings: 1560 vs 600
Revenue: 5 vs 18 coins per serving
Time: 24 vs 72 hours
314 Points (280 serving, 33 preparation, 1 cleaning stove) vs
455 Points (400 serving, 54 preparation, 1 cleaning stove)

Total Revenue: 7800 vs 10800 Coins
Profit/Hour: 232.71 vs 124.79 Coins
CP/Hour: 13.08 vs 6.32 Points
It should be noted that the Martian Bake 2, apparently replaces the Giant Dino Egg which seems to no longer seen. The stats are actually the same.

Given this dish being a copy of the Dino Egg, our opinions remain the same. Its low 6.3 cafe points per hour and 125 coins per hour, makes it not the ideal dish if you are looking to raise coins or points quickly.

However, if you are going to be away from your cafe for 3 days, like over the week-end, its a worthwhile addition to the recipe book. Keep in mind that the it can also be left on the stove for another 3 days before it will spoil.

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