Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cafe World Vegas Buffet

Cafe World has introduced a new dish to coincide with there new Vegas Theme. There are new decorations, chairs, table, wall to go along with this new dish. So if you are into the gaming scene, which I am not, you have check it out.

The dish itself is a 9 hour dish and the details are shown below.
Below are the details of Vegas Buffet
Cost: 1000 Coins
Servings: 550
Revenue: 5 coins per serving
Time: 9 Hours
CP: 250 Points (195 serving, 54 preparation, 1 cleaning stove)

Total Revenue: 2750
CoinsProfit/Hour: 27.78
CoinsCP/Hour: 192.8 Points
This is a decent 9 hour dish. It is actually much better than Bacon and Eggs and formerly available Star Dust Stew. However, Mystical Pizza, a 11 hour dish, compared to Vegas buffet, offers more coins per hour, 290 to 193, and more points per hour, 30 to 28. Therefore because Vegas Buffet is so close in time to the Mystical Pizza in the 9-12 hour category of dishes, and the significantly more coins per hour, we would have to give Mystical Pizza the edge.

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