Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cafe World Tom Yum Goong is back

Tom Yum Goong the dish that caused an uproar in Cafe World because access to it depended on being a certain level in Zynga's Mafia Wars is back. Many Chefs, especially parents, apparently were upset about in cross promotion of Mafia Wars and the further requirements that in order to have this dish you had to play Mafia Wars and be a certain level.

A huge cry went out to Zynga and the dish was removed. Well it now appears the dish is back and available at Level 24 up from level 4 orginally. I captured some comments from a forum before the thread was apparently deleted. The comments were generally against the cross promotion with a some not seeing it as a bother while some thinking it was a good thing. I think Zynga got the point and the dish was removed, conditions changed and returned.
Below are the details of Tom Yum Goong
Cost: 2400
Servings: 3000
Revenue: 5 coins per serving
Time: 96 Hours
CP: 573 Points (72 serving, 500 preparation, 1 cleaning stove)

Total Revenue: 15,000 Coins
Profit/Hour: 131.1 Coins
CP/Hour: 5.97 Points
This is a pretty lousy dish. It could be argued that for a four day dish it is worth it. It matters not to me as I will neither be cooking it or eating it.

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